Website localisation

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ONLINE COMMUNICATIONTranslations for the Web

I specialise in the translation of hypertexts and web communications

My services include:

  • The translation of text content optimised for the web and tailored to the target audience.
  • The translated files can also be provided in several different types of format such as Excel, xliff, html (php), xml, etc.
  • Cultural adaptation consultation for the French market.
  • Video subtitling.
  • Key word searches and the creation of meta titles and meta descriptions for SEO.
  • A commitment over time to carry out any future changes and updates to the website.
  • A commitment to collaborate with the other professionals involved in the project: web developer, marketing supervisor or team, authors, revisers, project manager, etc.
  • If asked: the use of translation and localisation platforms or web-based content management systems (CMS) defined by the client.

Do you have a multilingual project which requires more than just French?

I can put you in touch with other expert translators and manage the project, monitoring the progress and delivering the final product in all the languages