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“Between what you think,
what you mean to say,
what you think you said,
what you actually say,
what I want to hear,
what I do hear
what I believe I understood,
what I want to understand,
and what I actually understand…
There are at least 9 ways we could miscommunicate!
Branding and language and cultural consultation

Thanks to your hard work, you succeeded in the following for your local market:

  • Defining the target of your products or services
  • Communicating the values of your business
  • Choosing a tone of voice and a communication style
  • Creating a winning picture of your brand

However, will this work in other countries? Will foreigners respond to the same input and language? May it be necessary to tailor the tone of voice to make it more efficient in the new market? Which strategies should you use to highlight your values in another culture?

Thanks to my knowledge of the French market and culture, I will help you to answer these questions. Together we can define the best communication strategy and how to adapt your texts so that they will be more targeted towards the new market.


Do you need some original, successful slogans in French? Or would you prefer to convey the effect and emotional impact of your message and not necessarily the exact content? In this case, transcreation is what you need!

Spanning translation and pure creation, transcreation is the highest level of cultural and linguistic adaptation of a message to a new audience. It may deviate from the original content to achieve this and create a new message that incorporates the linguistic, stylistic and cultural references and codes of the target language.

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Terminology and stylistic coherence

Confusion, misunderstandings and a lack of recognisable images that speak to the consumer can result when the definition and use of key terms and a consistent writing style in your communication is poorly done.

This problem can be avoided by entrusting all your projects to the same translator, however if this is not possible, I provide the following services:

  • Creation and updating of databases and style guides ready to be shared
  • Creation, maintenance and updating of translation memories
  • Coordination and revision of translations provided by different translators in order to ensure the terminological and stylistic consistency of all your company’s communications written in the French language
Revision and post-editing


I offer a revision service to check and, if necessary, improve a translation or text written by a first professional. As you know, re-reading by a second expert with fresh eyes can make all the difference.


Human translation (or content creation) provided by a skilled professional is always more accurate, creative and customised than the output of automated systems. However, if you choose to use machine translation or a generative artificial intelligence system, I provide a post-editing service to ensure the correctness, appropriateness and effectiveness of the text generated in French.